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Drinking water transport pipeline DN1000 delivers 12 million m³ clear drinking water every year

1680 meters drilling pipe Ø 1016mm x 12,5mm, outside PP coating, inside cement lining

Water company Farys continues to grow in the water market in Flanders.

In 2018 this company started to use the transport pipeline Opwijk-Asse and the first part of the pipeline Tisselt-Buggenhout. Because of that the water purchase for 2019 could grow with 12 million m³ per year.

For this expansion of the drinking water system, kilometers of new pipelines DN1.000 had to be installed. CCI is proud we could deliver all drilling pipes and connection pieces . With the installation by DENYS everything went very well.

These total of 1680 meters of drilling pipes have a diameter of 1.016mm x 12.5 (and partly 16mm), outside provided with a 8mm PP-coating and inside with a cement lining in our work shop in Klundert, according to the strict BELGAQUA HYDROCHECK EN 10298.

The prefabricated connection pieces are provided with an ABCITE coating.

Also the fitting and expansion pieces DN900 and DN 1.000 have been delivered by CCI, after aggregation by FARYS and the Watergroup.

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