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Powder coating

Powder coating for anti-corrosion

When we apply powder coating, we use the quality of 2 well-known brands:

  • Rilsan® coating is a specialized type of powder coating. Because of its anti-corrosion properties, it is a cheap alternative to stainless steel and therefor a very usable coating in this industry.
  • Abcite® coating is made of thermoplastic artificial powders. This means the powders will melt when heated, thus creating a smooth surface, which does not need any finishing processes, and is suitable for all industries.

CCI Leidingsystemen uses these coatings often, especially in the drinking water market.

Both coatings represent quality and are really suitable for, among others, pumping buildings. Off course there are many more possibilities!
We offer a large experiences in the pre-processing and configuration of these coatings

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