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Construction Kanjel culvert at the floodgate near Maastricht

Aannemingsbedrijf BESIX Nederland
Connected GRP pipelines DN 1700 mm. Ca. 86 m1 long, total height ca. 7 m1

New installed Kanjel culvert beneath the Juliana canal

The new installed Kanjel culvert will guide the Kanjelstream near Limmel underneath the Juliana canal.
This Kanjel culvert has been constructed by CCI Leidingsystemen in Moerdijk, with GRP pipelines by Superlit.

The middle part of the pipelines have been composed and connected on the quay of Moerdijk. Therefor we could shorten the installation time on-site, and with that the blocking of the channel.

We transported this construction from Moerdijk with a ponton, over water, to Limmel. There it was hoisted and immersed into the Juliana canal.

After that the upcoming tubes inside the slope were connected to the immersed culvert, with the help of the tear resistant Marine lugs.

Check out the installation: SUPERLIT GRP Pipes

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