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Drinking water pipeline DN 900 has been diverted at the Ring Aalst – R41

Special project deduplicating DN900 to 6x DN400

Construction work for building tunnel Ring Aalst – R41


Because of the reinstalment of the Ring around Aalst – R41, the existing drinking water pipelines had to be diverted.
AWV has built a tunnel and roundabout at the existing intersection, where the pipelines went through.
The existing pipeline DN 900 has been diverted and deduplicated into 6 pipelines DN 400. These 6 pipelines have been placed on top of the pipe roof.

The pipelines DN400 have been applied with a specific coating system: a combination of Polypropylene (PP) and glassfiber reinforced Polyurethane (GPU). GRU creates a steady upper layer and protects the (also solid) PP.

The pipelines have been provided with an internal cement lining, obviously certified according Hydrocheck by Belgaqua.

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