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Man high water pipelines alternately out of use

Pipelines DN1800 x 28 mm DN1400 x 22 mm incl. transition pieces

Dordrecht A16; replacement concrete by steel / PE / cement

Two important water pipelines, used by Evides to transport water from the Biesbosch to Rotterdam and Spijkenisse, have been partly renewed.
These are Evides’ largest pipelines with a diameter up to 2 meters.

This operation was needed because of the enlargement of highway A16 near Dordrecht.

Because the pipelines where temporary out of use and because of the size of this project, they used this opportunity to make some improvements to these raw water pipelines. Therefor the concrete pipelines where replaces by steel pipelines in several places.

Together with Evides, CCI Leidingsystemen developed the enormous transition pieces from steel to concrete and also delivered the matching pipelines with a large wall thickness.

The largest pipeline (DN1800) even had a wall thickness of 28 mm.

We prefabricated the segment curves and spool manufacturing for the contractor, therefor in the field only the ‘simple’ welding joints had to be assembled. CCI Leidingsystemen ontwikkelde in samenwerking met Evides de enorm grote overgangsstukken van staal naar beton en leverde daarbij ook de leidingen met grote wanddikte.


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