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Overarching the Geleitsbeek in Brussels Vorst

Jan De Nul NV
300 meters of GRP DN 2400 PN1 SN10.000 7 monitoring chambers shaft dia up to DN2800

300 meters DN 2400 GRP instead of concrete DN 2400

Overarching the Geleitsbeek and installing the collector Oude Vijvers in Vorst Brussels; these where originally provided with concrete pipes DN2400.

Together with CCI Jan de Nul prepared a proposal, to replace the thick-walled concrete pipes with GRP pipelines DN 2400 PN1 SN 10.000, despite the limited amount of space.

Because of several adjustments, we could spare 75 cm in the width, times 300 meter.

On this 300 meters long pipeline CCI also delivered 7 GRP monitoring chambers, with a shaft diameter up to DN2800mm.

We came up with a smart solution for the ladders, to safely descend into the pipeline, without disturbing the flow inside the sewage.

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