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Pipelines for drinking water between Den Helder and Texel

LMR Drilling / PWN
LMR Drilling
4600mtr buis dia 323,9 x 12,5 Grade X70 OutsidePP Inside cement KIWA cert.

RECORD! Over 4600 meters of drilling; St X70 inclusive PP and Cement

Tap water is flowing out of the new pipelines beneath the Marsdiep. Drinking water company PWN, with the help of constructor LMR Drilling, has managed to install a new water pipeline.

The water pipeline is over 4.600 meters and 85 meter deep, installed beneath the Marsdiep, between Den Helder and the Isle of Texel.This all as done through a horizontal steered drilling.

By installing this pipeline, PWN ensured the delivery of drinking water to Texel, now and for the future.

This new pipeline will be connected to the Texel drinking water system.

Therefor it is with pride we can say CCI Leidingsystemen has delivered not only this pipeline, but also the connecting pipelines on land.

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