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Pumping station Capelsche Polder

Waterschap Brabantse Delta
DN900 and DN600 with special turns and supplies

Pumping station Capelsche Polder

The waterboard Brabantse Delta adjusts the waters flow direction in Waalwijk. By building a pumping station and modifying ditches, culverts and barrages, the water won’t flow off through the Zuiderafwateringskanaal.

Instead the water flows directly through the Zuiderkanaal to the Bergsche Maas. Because of that the water level in the Westelijke Langstraat can rise again, for special environment to develop.

This project Adjusting Water balance Waalwijk allows the nature to develop in the Westelijke Langstraat. This project has been split up in several areas, like the Capelsche Polder.

CCI  delivered a part of the pressure lines for the Pumping Station Capelsche Polder. Performed in steel, PE-coated and internal provided with cement lining.

After prefabrication in our factory in Moerdijk, CCI installed the piping parts on-site.

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