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REKO invests a 125 million in cement lined cooling water pipelines

Recycling Kombinatie REKO
CCI Leidingsystemen
DN1000 – ca 1 km; inside cement lining, outside coating

CCI Leidingsystemen delivers and installs cement lined cooling water pipelines.


REKO has built a new thermic cleaning installation in the Rotterdam harbor area (Vondelingenplaat).

Each year this installation will transform 1,2 million tons of residues, made out of tar asphalt, granulate and bitumen, into primary raw materials, electricity and heat. An investment of 125 million euros has been made for this project.

CCI Leidingsystemen has designed, prefabricated (inclusive coating and cement lining) and installed the steel cooling water pipeline for this project.
Engineering took part in cooperation with Rotterdam Engineering.

CCI delivered and installed not only the pipelines, but also the pipe bridge and the many support parts.

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