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CCI Leidingsystemen® can produce pipelines with FZM cement at its production site in Klundert

Adjusted machinery, craftmanship and a special cement enables CCI Leidingsystemen to add fiber cement to pipes with a DN between 6 and 56 inches and a maximum of 18 m1.

Controlling this technique, we can distinguish ourselves within our market once again.
Fiber cement has existed for over a 100 years, and is widely applicable because of its fire and water resisting and lightweight features.

We are adding the fiber cement directly onto the coated pipes (PE or PP), with and without a cement liner. The fiber cement is poured by a nozzle onto a slowly rotating pipe.

After this we add a PP reinforcement layer which will seal the fiber cement. This combination will give the cement layer its stability.

Usually, the layer of fiber cement is 10 -15mm thick, but can be adjusted to the customers wishes.
Sometimes, you learn by experience. In this case CCI Leidingsystemen came into contact with fiber cement because of a special request: to deliver a steel pipe which would be resistant to mechanical damage in a rocky soil. Because loose rocks, but also excavation work can damage an PE or PP coating, this fiber cement layer serves as an protection layer to the coating.

If you want to know more about this matter, do not hesitate to contact your contact person at CCI.

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