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A successful accomplishment of this large assignment with Faser cement (FZM)

Once again, we completed a large assignment with Faser cement (FZM). This process askes for great skills and a thorough preparation. Although this technique exists over a 100 years, the application is quite unique for the Netherlands.

CCI adds the Faser cement (fiber cement or FZM) on the outside of the tube, using special techniques. The use of FMZ tubes takes mostly place in foreign countries, on rocky grounds. This client was in Austria. The assignment concerned a transporting tube of DN 600 with a total length of 1578 m1. After applying the inside cement lining on this tube, we added the FZM on the outside.

When the cement lining and Faser cement where cured in conditionalized circumstances, the tubes have been transported safely to Austria.

With this assignment, CCI showed once again to fully master the Faser cement techniques. Our customer in Austria was very content with the result. The quality was high and new assignments will follow.

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