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Extra drinking water connection between Left- and Right Shore Schelde

Water-Link en Visser & Smit Hanab
Visser & Smit Hanab
PP Coating DN 711

CCI Leidingsystemen performed a drilling underneath the Schelde near Antwerpen, together with customers Water-Link and Visser & Smit Hanab Belgium. We used a tube over 820 m1 long, with a diameter of 711 mm. CCI applied a cement lining (inside) and polypropyleen (PP) coating on the outside of the tube. After this the tube has been pulled underneath the Schelde using controlled drilling by V&S H. By combining our knowledge and expertise we pulled off this amazing piece of work.

The reason for this assignment was clear: extension of the city and harbor puts pressure on the drinking water net at the city district Left Shore. By connecting Left- and Right Shore we ensure both the water supply and pressure for the future.

The inside cement lining of the drilling tube meets the Belgaqua Hydrocheck terms completely.  Cement lining has been CCI Leidingsystemen’s core business since the ‘80.
The outside PP coating will provide a sustainable use for at least a decade. In 2021 CCI invested in a new coating line for PP and PE extruder coatings.

CCI will also deliver steel pipelines and prefab pieces to couple the drilling tube to the existing network.
Check also this film by Water-link on YouTube: Click here 

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