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Large overflow pipeline in district Elzenbos

Municipality Brummen
Dostal Vorden
GRP DN 2000 en 2200 PN 1 Sn 5000 3x GVK wells DN 1000 PN 1 Sn 5000 H is ca 6 m1

Together with contractor Dostal from Vorden (NL), CCI Leidingsystemen has realized a large GRP overflow pipeline to move the current overflow, within the built-up area, to a location outside of town. By combining our craftmanship and expertise we could finish this special project successfully.

The customers demand was according to a UAV-GC contract. Therefor Dostal and CCI Leidingsystemen combined their knowledge and expertise to offer an optimum quotation. We choose to adjust a pipeline in GRP. CCI delivered a pipeline of ca. 235 m1 DN 2000, combined with 234 m1 DN 2200. We also delivered three GRP wells, with a height of 6 m1. We developed a special transition piece to combine the pipelines DN 2000 and DN 2200.
This system ends in an concrete bunker with a weir. With that man can regulate the water level inside the tube. Therefor the tube is not only for transport, but also for salvage. The existing overflow remained in use during the installment. By delivering “just in time” we could minimize the nuisance for the surroundings.

Within this rather successful project CCI Leidingsystemen worked in an innovative matter, by using large GRP pipelines, to limit the possible water floating in the district Elzenbos in Brummen. We are proud of this result!!

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