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Nord west main route of route section 1 in Den Hague

Municipality Den Hague
BAM Infra Regional Den Hague
Ca 950 m1 GRP DN 800 (L=3m) PN 1 SN 5000 + connection pieces + Connex PVC Ø160


The municipality Den Hague has tackled some of the bottlenecks in the North west Main route (NWHR). This is route section 1 out of 3 (Machiel Vrijenhoeklaan – Sportlaan).

The goals of this project were improving the flow, the passage possibilities and the road safety, and installing 3 roundabouts and a crossroad. In addition a new separated sewer system (DWA and HWA) had to be installed.

BAM Infra Regional Den Hague was this jobs contractor. CCI Leidingsystemen delivered the GRP pipelines for the separated sewer system. Because of the inner-city location of this project, logistic communication was really important.

Space was limited, but because CCI Leidingsystemen could store the pipes in their main location in Moerdijk, the “just in time” delivery principle could be realized.

Because of the fine cooperation and the fulfilment of the agreements, both BAM Infra Regional and CCI Leidingsystemen completed this project with full satisfaction.

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