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Project “approach ring South” for the city Groningen

Combinatie Herepoort
Combinatie Herepoort
GRP DN800 , 135 mtr. PN 10 SN 10.000 7 Wells (up to 4,5mtr height)

CCI Leidingsystemen has delivered a complete GRP-system with matching wells to the performing party (Combination Herepoort). A pipe line of over 135 m1 DN 800 (PN 10 SN 10.000).

The delivered wells, seven in total, have an average diameter of 1400 mm and a height of 4,5 m1. All are performed in GRP. We also delivered several special transition coupling systems.

Because of their close contact the Combination Herepoort and CCI Leidingsystemen have come to an optimum design and trace. After this the installment has been performed successfully. The city of Groningen has been working for years to improve their connection and traffic circulation. This is a huge project where not only the city of Groningen is involved, but also the county Groningen and Rijksoverheid.

De Combination Herepoort consists of Max Bögl BV, Züblin BV, Oosterhof Holman BV, Sjouke Dijkstra BV, Roelofs BV and Jansma Drachten BV. Given the huge size of this project, it has been divided in four clusters. Our project was situated in Cluster 4. It concerned the installment and shift of a new main sewer near the Ziggo building and the Europa road.

Working within city areas, where you cannot interfere with traffic, askes for special attention. One of our success factors, which made this project succeed, has been the intense communication between the Combination Herepoort and CCI Leidingsystemen. This has minimized certain risks in advance. For example: delivery times, but also the order of delivery.

If you have any questions concerning this project, or if you need more information, do not hesitate to contact us.


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