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Unique spool piece for project Nissewaard Berenplaat TL21

DN1400 ,12m1 lang

CCI Leidingsystemen has successfully produced and delivered a unique spool piece for this project. It involved a DN 1400 steel pipe with a thickness of 22 mm. Length is over 12 m1.

What makes this spool piece special, is the fact that almost everything was made by hand. Because  of our close cooperation with the contractor (Heijmans) and the customer (Evides) we could finish this project once again to everyone’s satisfaction.

The customer’s request was clear: a pipeline (DN 1400 with a length of over 12 m1) had to be replaced by a spool piece with 3 tube lures in it, with matching blinding plates (DN 600) and valves. The valves had a thickness of 12,7 mm. Therefor the pipelines had to be rejuvenated from 22 mm to 12,7 mm (at an angle of 1:5). This had to be done by hand. The valves, delivered in advance, where already provided with an epoxy coating.

During the fitting and welding, this coating had to be protected carefully, to prevent damage. So the fitting and welding work had to be done by hand too. Obviously we weld under prevailing certificates. Our customer could determine where the NDI (Non Destructive Investigation) should take place. The Hydro tests have been performed according to the Procedure 7.13 by Evides.

The outside coating was made out of a PE coating which we applied in advance, in our own factory. The tube lures have been provided with 1 layer of “sinter PE” according to DIN 30670. This PE has been added by hand!

The inside coating existed out of cement according to EN 10298. This needed to be add by hand too, under KIWA Watermark, by our professionals. The endings where closed by closing caps.

We are very proud of this result. CCI Leidingsystemen has showed one again to be not only a modern automated welding and production company, but is also capable to produce complicated and unique prefab (spool) pieces by hand. Therefor we added extra images.

If you have any questions according to this project, or if you want more information, do not hesitate to contact us.

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